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New World, New Worlds is a journal devoted to the Americas in the fields of history and the social sciences. It favours comparative perspectives and covers all periods. The journal accepts original articles by scholarly specialists of the Americas. It also hosts a wealth of material useful to the constitution of a scientific heritage devoted to the study of the Americas and is a logical part of the “digital humanities” field. Contributions are published in four languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese and English.


Polices urbaines recomposées – Les alcaldes de barrio dans les territoires hispaniques, XVIIIe-XIXe siècle

Coord. Arnaud Exbalin et Brigitte Marin
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Cuestiones del tiempo presente

Chili actuel. Nouveaux éclairages sur le néolibéralisme contemporain

Coord. Franck Gaudichaud, María Cosette Godoy Hidalgo et Fabiola Miranda-Pérez
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